Hi. I’m Kelly. I like to take photos.

This is my son Gus. He is the love of my life, my light, my inspiration and of course my little model! I want each moment we spend together to be frozen in time. FOREVER. I can only image if this is how I feel, this must be how so many other moms, grand parents, lovers, and friends feel about their lives, their light, their inspiration. Good thing we have pictures!!!

My favorite color is yellow because it is joyful and cheery. My house was built in 1914 and that is young compared to my last house. I love old things because I like to think about everything that they have seen or the places they have been. If given the choice would choose to sit at the kids table at family dinners EVERY time. We eat pretty healthy in my family, but I am a sucker for doughnuts… I mean a real sucker. Whenever out of town I yelp and google to find the best local doughnut shop and will drive far out of the way just to see how good they are! My husband and I were on HGTV’s flea market flip a few years ago because I decided on a whim to convince my shy husband to do this random show with me. I teach yoga, but when I am doing  my own home practice it often just looks like I am rolling around on a mat and huffing and puffing. I love to dance. I have no real dance moves, but I am pretty sure TSwifts ‘Shake it Off’ music video was inspired by me.

I like people, I like to laugh, I drink too much coffee, and I would love to get to know you.